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Business magazine «Neftegaz.RU»

№6 (90), 2019
Theme: Oil production
New issue 2019
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Theme: Oil production
  • A comparison of the different approaches of the forecast of technological parameters of development of deposits of heavy oil
  • Experience with various development technologies Lyaelskaya square Yarega heavy oil fields
  • Bazhenovskiy horizon
Technologies 345
Applying of phonon diagnostics technique on main pipelines
The article presents the fundamental principles of phonon diagnostics technique, its technical capabilities and scope of application. It describes the application of phonon diagnostics technique on one of the main gas pipelines.
Government regulation 243
Growth points of the russian economy
The President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Nurgalievich Minnikhanov told us about what projects will be implemented in the very near future, what has been done to attract investments and what challenges the key oil and gas region of the country is facing today.
G. Gref
G. Gref
I would not want to live in a country where the oligarchs have the upper hand
A. Kudrin
A. Kudrin
Until economic growth is accelerated, the issue of actual earnings will always be a problem
Цифровизация – единственный способ борьбы с коррупцией
Если я говорил, что добыча нефти прекратится, то я ошибался
D. Artyukhov
D. Artyukhov
I am glad that oil industry workers are constantly finding new approaches on how to stabilize the situation and sometimes they even achieve in improving it
A. Novak
A. Novak
Within the next few years, there may be risks regarding the demand for oil due to the slowdown of the global economy
Oil for the future
The development of the Bazhenov Formation is one of the strategic directions designed to save the Russian oil industry from a sharp decline in production in the not too distant future. The prospects here are substantial - it is estimated that billions of tons of hydrocarbons could be extracted. But the next stage – on how to tackle the extraction process – is not yet clear.
Ecology 12 april 185
Geoenvironmental risks on the background geopolitical challenges for the oil and gas industry in the Arctic
The article is devoted to the issues of geoecology and geopolitics in the Arctic.
Business magazine Neftegaz.RU glossy periodical of oil and gas industry.
NefteService 12 april 135
Expert approach to mechanized mining
What is the actual state of the well stock today, which is the period between overhauls  for well operation, how will the market for mechanized production change and which are the main factors affecting oil production in Russia? These and other issues were discussed by leading industry experts at the 16th Conference "Mechanized Oil Production-2019".
Processing 11 april 127
Methionine production as an efficient way to process hydrogen sulfide
In view of the high profits from the production of methionine, the authors of the article express and justify an opinion that it is necessary to develop methionine synthesis technologies from the available sulfur and nitrogen-containing substances, as well as the need to organize large-scale industrial production of methionine in southern Russia.
Market 11 april 142
Reindustrialization in USA and in Russia
The article looks into the most important aspects of the world economy reindustrialization on the example of current reindustrialization in the US.
Industrial safety 11 april 118
Protection of fuel and energy enterprises Ultra reliable Getac equipment for extreme conditions
The head of business development at Getac in Russia Alexander Viktorovich Kuznetsov told about protected computer equipment, its advantages and the main criteria of choice

I would not want to live in a country where the oligarchs have the upper hand

Neftegaz №5, 2019
New issue 2019
№6 (90), 2019
№4 (88), 2019
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